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Panasonic has a history of making some great bread makers, and the SD-2501 is one more to add to the list. The SD-2501 replaces the Panasonic SD-257, and the new SD-2501 has the following additional features, compared to the SD-257:

  • There are 11 bread and dough modes, giving the user plenty of options for making different types of bread.
  • There is a raisin nut dispenser, which is useful when adding additional ingredients at just the right time in the bread making cycle.
  • Has a jam and compote mode. It’s great to make bread only but also gives the opportunity to make jams and compote.
  • Makes bread in 3 sizes of medium, large and extra large (600g).
  • Can make 100% gluten free bread.
  • 13 hour digital timer means the start of bread making can be delayed until a later time of day.
  • Customers love this best selling breadmaker and the number of positive reviews is high.

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Though the SD-2501 doesn’t have a yeast dispenser, it does have a specialty mode, and a Jam and Compote mode. Another innovation is the bread pan and kneading blade are both coated with diamond particles for extra toughness and durability. The SD-2501 can bake gluten free bread, whereas the SD-257 didn’t have that programme.

Owning your own bread maker gives you the freedom to bake fresh bread whenever you choose, and Panasonic have done an excellent job in making that job easy with their SD-2501WXC bread maker. Using this bread machine you can tailor you dietary requirements according to your needs. In particular this applies if you require gluten free bread, bread with reduced salt or if you want to bake a high fibre loaf of bread.

Panasonic automatic bread makers have taken all the hard work out of making bread, and using a bread maker is a good way towards a healthier lifestyle. The SD-2501 is a bread maker for all levels of expertise. So whether you are new to making your own bread, or have never been near a bread maker before, or if you have been using bread makers for years, there is something for everyone in the Panasonic bread maker SD-2501 Bread Maker..

Panasonic Breadmaker With Nut Dispenser SD-2501 Features

  • The SD-2501 has a 100% gluten free program enabling the user to make gluten free bread using a variety of ingredients.
  • The Specialty Mode which allows the user to make breads which might otherwise be difficult to make on their own.
  • The SD-2501 has 11 bread and dough modes in total.
  • There is a nut dispenser with this breadmaker, which is convenient when it comes to adding extra ingredients at just the right moment.
  • To further utilise this Panasonic bread machine to its full potential there is a jam and compote mode.
  • This bread maker can make loaves in three different sizes, medium 400g, large 500g, and extra large at 600g. There is also choice of crust colour of light, medium and dark.

There’s no need to worry about the temperature in the kitchen when using the Panasonic SD-2501WXC as this automatic bread maker doesn’t take that into account during the bread making process and has its own internal temperature control mechanism to deal with these fluctuations.. So whether its cold or hot in the kitchen doesn’t matter to the 2501. You can look forward to a perfect loaf of bread regardless of the ambient temperature in the kitchen at the time of baking..

By using the 13 hour digital timer baking can be delayed until a more convenient time. Note, the timer doesn’t apply to the gluten free program.

Panasonic SD-2501WXC Automatic Breadmaker Customer Reviews

We found a high level of customer satisfaction with the SD-2501, with few dissatisfied customers to date. So why is this bread maker so popular? Simply because it makes delicious tasting bread and it is easy to use. One customer wrote she liked the recipes that come with the bread machine because the recipes use less sugar than those of other bread makers. From my own experience, you can make bread without using any sugar at all, if you so decide. The 2501 looks solid and well made, and it has useful programs for making Rye bread and gluten free bread which makes it stand out from its rivals. Whatever the secret, Panasonic  have come up with a popular winner in the SD-2501 bread machine.

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Panasonic SD-2501 Best Price

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What’s Your Opinion?

While it is true that every bread maker machine makes a loaf of bread, that’s what it does, the quality of the bread it produces does appear to vary depending on which model of bread maker you use. Sometimes we become distracted by trying to improve the quality of the finished loaf of bread by changing the ingredients, but if your bread maker makes a tasty, satisfying loaf of bread every time, you don’t need to look for a different brand flour or yeast.

Many reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with the Panasonic SD-2501 in terms of its ease of use, it makes consistently good bread and the loaves of bread it bakes taste delicious.

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