Oster 5838 Review

We’re going to have a more detailed look at the Oster Bread Machines. There are currently 3 models being actively marketed by Oster. The first machine we are going to discuss is the Oster 5838.

The Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker is especially known for its express baking features. It can even bake a 2 pound loaf in less than one hour; 58 minutes to be exact. Overall, this Oster Bread Machine is a great machine for the beginning bread maker. It is offered at a decent price, click here to find the Best Price, and has all basic features that the beginner might be looking for. The bread maker has a large viewing window, if you are new to bread making I am sure you’d like to see how your loaf develops, and  you can choose the bread seize and the crust of your preference.

Important things to note;

  • There are a number of user complaints about ‘collapsing bread’. It turns out that the bread maker is very sensitive to the amount of moisture and recipes provided with this bread maker are not always accurate.
  • One Amazon user gave a great tip to improve the bread quality; If the loaf collapses or hits the lid, reduce the amount of water. If the loaf turns out to be a brick; add more water and slightly more yeast. If the dough doesn’t rise well, try to add gluten.

Let’s review the features and functions in the “My Best Bread Maker Review Tool”;

Features & Functions Oster 5838
Nonstick kneading blade and baking pan Y
Delay times Y
Shape – Rectangular loaf Y
Adjustable Bread Size Y
Crust Control Y
Viewing window Y
Quick bake cycle Y
Pre-programmed cycles Y
Homemade cycle N
Making dough Y
Sourdough starter N
Dispenser for yeast and or Raisin N
Gluten Free N
Bread Making Recipes book Y
Measuring spoon, measuring cup N

Based on the “My Best Bread Maker” criteria we the Oster 5838 Bread Machine to have a 89% match for the beginner needs. All basic are in place; a large viewing window, adjustable bread seize, delay time and an express bake cycle that is truly unique. It makes a loaf in less than one hour.

The advanced bread maker might be missing some features. You are unable to program your own baking cycle and there are not special options like ‘sourdough’ or a nut / raisin dispenser. We find this machine to have a 67% match with the criteria for the advanced bread maker.

Conclusion:  A good offer for the beginning bread maker but you must be willing the experiment a bit with the provided recipes or buy an own Bread Making Recipe Book.

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