Kenwood BM450 Review

Kenwood makes some great bread maker machines, and in the ever more competitive world of bread maker machines, the race is on to make these machines as easy as possible for users to make consistently good loaves of bread. How well has Kenwood succeeded in achieving this target with the Kenwood BM 450? Firstly, the BM 450 looks good. The majority of the bread maker is finished in stainless steel, with a black glass finish at the top. It looks sleek and easy to clean on the sides and at the top where the LCD panel is located.

With an impressive number of bread programmes to choose from, 15 in total including jams and doughs, the Kenwood BM450 is a top range bread maker, and as such you can expect better quality bread. This bread maker doesn’t disappoint.

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Kenwood BM 450 Breadmaker Features

  • Glass touch screen control panel.
  • The BM450 makes loaves of bread in three sizes, 500gms, 750 gms and 1Kg., and as you would expect, you can control the crust colour. The choices are light, medium and dark.
  • There is a 1 year manufacturers warranty with the Kenwood BM 450.
  • The BM450 has 15 programmes, and can make jams and doughs.
  • There are 5 personal programme settings where the user can vary the timings in the various stages of the bread making cycle.
  • There is a timer so that the start of bread making can be delayed for a few hours, or choose to bake the bread overnight.
  • The Rapid programme can bake bread in less than an hour.
  • To make bread making even easier, there is an ingredient dispenser that adds the ingredients automatically at just the right moment.
  • The bread pan is non stick, making the bread easy to remove, and it makes cleaning up afterwards easy.
  • The bread automatically keeps warm for an hour once it is cooked.
  • There is an internal light in the BM450 Kenwood bread maker, and this taken together with the viewing window, makes it possible to monitor progress without needing to interrupt the bread programme.
  • With safety in mind, the Kenwood BM450 has a safety cut out.
  • Recipes for making bread are included.

Kenwood BM 450 Breadmaker Customer Reviews

Our research is taken from customers of all levels of breadmaking experience, from the novice who has never used a bread maker before to those on their third, or fourth bread maker machine. Overall, we found a high level of customer satisfaction with the Kenwood BM450 bread maker with Ingredients Dispenser.

Customers liked the smaller loaf option.

The BM450 comes with an easy to follow bread guide.

We read that customers who needed to contact the Kenwood customer service were pleased with the response from them.

This bread maker can bake an impressive range of breads, as well as jams and pizza doughs.

Easy to use, and the bread is consistently good.

Bread is quick and easy to make and it comes with a clear instruction book.

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