DeLonghi Bread Maker Review

New arrival, at the time of writing, is a smart looking DeLonghi Bread Maker, finished in an attractive white plastic with grey trim. This bread machine makes a lower demand on power than some of its counterparts, at just 450 watts.

The DeLonghi Bread Maker has  a number of useful programs, namely premium white or brown breads, French, wholewheat, Brioche or sweet bread, gluten free bread, cake, dough, pizza dough, jam, bake only and an eco program, making 11 programs in total.

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Features of the DeLonghi Bread Maker

There is an Eco program that makes bread in 85 minutes. A Premium white loaf takes just over 3 hours.

This breadmaker bakes bread in 3 sizes, namely 500g, 750g and 1Kgs.

The DeLonghi Bread Maker gives the user valuable information on the progress of the baking by means of a program status indicator which tells you what stage the bread is at including preheating, kneading, rising, baking and keep warm.

  • There is an LCD display on the top of the breadmaker.
  • Add ingredients signal.
  • A generous 15 hour timer, though it can’t be used with all the programs and it comes with the usual caveat not to use this feature with perishable ingredients, such as milk and eggs.
  • There is a one year UK only guarantee.
  • The eco bake setting is used for white loaves and for packets of ready prepared bread mix that you can buy readily in the supermarket. This program needs to start with lukewarm water and there is a bread recipe included in the manual.
  • Gluten Free Bread Program
  • The DeLonghi Bread Maker makes gluten free bread, which is important to know for those with special dietary needs.
  • The DeLonghi Bread Maker bread maker comes with a cup and measuring spoon.
  • Keep warm cycle at the end of the baking program. It lasts for an hour.
  • Coolwall stops the outside of the breadmaker getting too hot to touch.
  • Protection against interruption caused by power failure, of 8 minutes duration.
  • Recipes are included as is a bake only program.

DeLonghi Bread Maker Instruction Book

The instruction book is clearly written and details a lot of “what to do” information presented in an easy to understand fashion. This is especially useful if you have never used a breadmaker before. For instance, not everyone knows to remove the baking pan from the breadmaker before putting the ingredients into the bread pan. If you don’t you risk spilling ingredients on to the heating elements. I like the way the manual gives the reader the measurements, in millilitres, of a teaspoon and a tablespoon, which are referred to in the recipe section. The fact that liquids need to be measured at eye level is important to know, when it comes to accurate measurements.

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