Breville BBM800 Review

In our series of best bread maker reviews we are reviewing today the Breville Bread Maker BBM800. This is one of the four bread makers in the Breville Bread Maker product line. Breville, originated in Australia, is a growing brand in the home and kitchen appliances. They are known for their innovative solutions to practical problems.

The BBM800 is a premium bread machine for the beginning and advanced bread makers. Just having a look at the well designed manual will make you realize that this is not just your ordinary bread maker.

The machine comes with interesting features like; a dispenser for raisins or cheese and a foldable kneading blade. Besides these specials this bread maker has everything you’d be looking for a in a bread maker. It has a viewing window that even comes with a light for you to see exactly what happening during the bread making.

The machine comes with a complete detailed recipe book where you’ll find recipes in all categories; from ‘Gluten-free’ to ‘Yeast-free’ to premixed bread mix and even sourdough (the manual way).

Some important things that you should be aware of before you buy;

  • This bread machine has a foldable kneading paddle, this means no more kneading paddle holes in your bread maker loafs!
  • A very complete, well designed recipe booklet
  • You can program your own bread cycles.

Let’s have a look at the Breville BBM800 in the Bread Maker Review tool;

Features & Functions Breville BBM800
Nonstick kneading blade and baking pan Y
Delay times Y
Shape – Rectangular loaf Y
Adjustable Bread Size Y
Crust Control Y
Viewing window Y
Quick bake cycle Y
Pre-programmed cycles Y
Homemade cycle Y
Making dough Y
Sourdough starter N
Dispenser for yeast and or Raisin Y
Gluten Free Y
Bread Making Recipes book Y
Measuring spoon, measuring cup N

This is bread machines has a 96% match for the beginner bread maker. The machine has pretty much everything that a beginner would need; pre-preprogrammed bread making cycles, a view window that even includes a viewing light, you can choose your own bread size and control the darkness of the crust.

Also for the advanced bread maker, this machine has a lot to offer! Based on the bread maker review tool, we find a 90% match! This is the highest rating we have given so far. This machine has specials like an raisin, nut and cheese dispenser and has the option to make ‘gluten-free’ bread. Although this machine does not have a sourdough starter, there is a sourdough recipe includes in the bread making recipes booklet.

Conclusion: this bread machine offers pretty much everything you could ever wish for on a bread maker. Both the advanced as well as the beginning bread maker will enjoy every feature on this machine. I would recommend this machine to any of my closest friends and family.

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