Bread Making Problems

Weve all faced bread making problems some time in our journey in making bread. Sometimes, its due to bread machine malfunctions. However, its often the case that were unable to pinpoint the specific problem. While bread making is an art, its also a science. Hence, therell always be explanations for our bread making problems.

Today, well be discussing some of the common reasons for bread making problems and we’ll be answering the 10 frequently asked questions.

1. Why does the bread height and shape differ for each loaf?

The height and shape of the bread is influenced by the ingredients used, room temperature and the chosen length of the delay program. Additional, accurate measurements when preparing the ingredients is also key to ensure a perfect loaf.

2. My loaf is flat and doesn’t rise

Possible causes could be;

  • Yeast was forgotten
  • Yeast was old
  • Too much salt or sugar was used which ‘killed’ the yeast
  • Used liquid was too hot, preferably you use lukewarm liquids
  • Ingredients were not properly placed in the bread pan while using the timer

3. My Bread has a heavy dense texture

This could be caused by;

  • Not enough water
  • Too much flour
  • No, not enough or wrong type of yeast
  • Wrong type of flour used
  • No sugar or other sweetener was added
  • Yeast was too old
  • Yeast touched water before kneading while using the delay timer

4. The center of my loaf is raw

Possible causes are;

  • Too much water or other liquids
  • The room temperature was too low which caused that the bread machine couldn’t reach the desired temperature
  • Due to a power failure the bread was only partially baked

5. My Bread is sticky and difficult to slice

If the outside of the bread looks great but the bread is still difficult to slice, reasons could be;

  • Loaf was still too hot when slicing
  • Using an improper knife, make sure you use a proper bread knife

6. My Bread has a coarse holey texture

A holey texture could be caused by;

  • Too much water
  • Not enough flour
  • Too much yeast
  • Salt was not used

7. The top center of the loaf sinks in

Possible causes of a sunken center of your loaf are;

  • Too much water
  • Not enough flour
  • Too much yeast
  • Salt was not used
  • High humidity of hot weather might have caused yeast action to accelerate

8. Bread rises too high and overflows the bread pan

When the bread overflows the bread pan, a cause could be;

  • Too much water
  • Too much yeast
  • Bread pan was too small
  • No salt

9. My Crust is too light

This could be caused by a lack of sugar or fat.

10. My Crust is too dark

When the crust turns out too dark (or too thick) it might help to reduce the sugar.

This was the top 10 of most common causes for bread making problems. Now that you know what the problem is, go forth and make the perfect loaf!

Happy Baking!

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