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Bread Machine Reviews 2015

Bread Machine Reviews 2015

The most important features of bread machines you should look out for

Thinking about baking your bread? And, yes, using a bread machine is totally still baking your own bread. Let’s always remember that technology is our friend. Our awesome friend. There are lots of neat features available in the bread makers of today. Here are some that you should know about before you head out to buy the bread maker of your dreams.


Some bread makers let you set a timer so that you can put your ingredients into the machine and then tell it when it start baking. So you can bake a load of rye bread while you sleep. While you sleep! Oh and the smell of baking bread is comforting as you stumble over to the coffee maker in the morning.


And fruit. Adding cranberries, raisins, or pecans to bread can add significantly to its yumminess. With some bread makers you simply add these extras at the beginning, with all of the other ingredients. But some have a feature that adds the extras for you, you just pour them into a separate receptacle and the bread machine wisely sprinkles them in during the second kneading.

Pizza, cookies, pretzels

A basic bread maker will provide you with load after loaf of healthy fresh bread. But you can go beyond basic to, well – better. Making pizza dough is as simple as putting the ingredients into the bread machine and pressing a button. As is making cookie or pretzel dough. It really is a simple, no-fuss way to prepare all kinds of doughs.

Hole-y bread!

If you have yet to use a bread maker, you may be unaware that most models leave a hole in the center of your loaf of bread. This is the result of an instrument that is used to bake the inner part of the bread. Julia Child famously decried this feature of early bread machines, simply saying, “I don’t like it.” Well, Julia would be pleased to know that it is now possible to buy a bread makers that do not leave a hole in the loaf of bread.

Size matters

Make sure that the bread machine you choose is capable of baking the size of loaves you will want. Bread makers are capable of baking loaves of different sizes, but smaller models are not capable of baking a large loaf. Consider the size of cookie dough batches you will need as well, if your model includes this feature.


Most bread makers are easy to clean, but some offer materials that are super easy to clean. Check out what the maker has to say about how to clean a bread machine before committing.

Bread machines are found sitting, shiny and at the ready, on more and more kitchen counters. As we learn more about how important eating healthful food is for our well-being, we are making better decisions about the food we make and buy. Being able to leave out the preservatives and use fresh, non-processed ingredients to bake bread for our family and friends is a cool option brought to us by the bread maker.

The inventor or the breadmakers was Matsushita! (in present rebranded as Panasonic)

I hope that this has been a helpful introduction in your journey to purchase a good bread machine. Look through our site and find the best bread machine reviews 2015 and grab some discounts while you’re at it!